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THE VOICES trailer shows us the Ryan Reynolds we’ve been missing

ryan reynolds the voices trailer header

Ryan Reynolds gets a bit stab happy in first trailer for The Voices

Ryan Reynolds has been riding along a rocky road for the past decade, and the once-familiar face might be seeing a resurgence with upcoming projects like The Voices and the recently revived Deadpool movie. Before we get to see the unfortunately under-appreciated actor in the Marvel movie he was made for, we’ll see him get a little stab happy in the indie-looking dark comedy The Voices. The first trailer for the film made the rounds not that long ago, and I’m just now getting around to giving it the post it deserves. Reynolds has dabbled in some thought-provoking cinema in the past (The Nines, Chaos Theory), so here’s hoping the guy gets another chance to make his mark.

Watch the whacky first trailer for The Voices after the jump.

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Booze-inspired brazenness abounds in first KIDNAPPING MR. HEINEKEN trailer

kidnapping mr heineken trailer header

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken trailer teases hostage thriller re-telling

If I’m being honest, I didn’t think Anthony Hopkins was still acting. That said, he looks like a solid casting choice as beer baron Alfred “Freddy” Heineken in the first trailer for the upcoming hostage thriller Kidnapping Mr. Heineken. The trailer paints a picture of sought-after wealth and rich, randomly chosen targets. The movie has an assortment of familiar faces filling in the key player positions, and it could be an enjoyable crime flick to look forward to.

Check out the first trailer, and learn a little more about Kidnapping Mr. Heineken after the jump.

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pirates of the caribbean honest trailer header

Pirates of the Caribbean and Gone Girl get their Honest Trailers

Honest Trailers are always a great way to kill some time while chuckling at this or that about enjoyably good, bad, terrible, and sometimes unwatchable films, and the latest installments of the series shine the Screen Junkies light on Pirates of the Caribbean and Gone Girl. Pirates is fairly new, but I somehow missed the Gone Girl Honest Trailer that was released a week ago. Both are silly, as is the style, and each point out more than a few plot holes and movie missteps.

Check out the Honest Trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean and Gone Girl after the jump. Both include spoilers, especially Gone Girl, so you know the drill!

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First trailer for BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS has fun blending together genre favorites

bloodsucking bastards trailer header

Bloodsucking Bastards trailer previews Slamdance hopeful

The first trailer for Bloodsucking Bastards has prompted many media outlets to peg the film as Office Space or Horrible Bosses meets (insert popular monster movie or TV comparison), and it wouldn’t be unfair to call out similarities to favorites like True Blood, Shaun of the Dead, Fright Night, and even The Faculty. The trailer sets a familiar tone, but it’s a tone we’ve grown to love if the movie that follows lives up to the silly action comedy combination that’s promised.

Bloodsucking Bastards premieres at this year’s Slamdance film festival, and you can check out the first trailer after the jump.

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FUN STUFF: 8 Bit Cinema for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is retro-tastic

guardians of the galaxy 8 bit cinema header

Guardians of the Galaxy gets the 8 Bit Cinema treatment

The ridiculously retro 8 Bit Cinema series from the folks over at CineFix is a fantastic way to imagine some of your favorite modern movies as old school video game classics, and their latest entry is a treatment of Marvel’s oddball Guardians of the Galaxy. As always, the 8 Bit adaptation really makes me wish the game existed. I’d play that thing like crazy on my NES. The animation is almost as great as the How It Should Have Ended for the movie, each with their own appeal, and both add another dimension to an already entertaining adventure.

Check out the awesome new 8 Bit Cinema video for Guardians of the Galaxy after the jump.

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