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New SUICIDE SQUAD trailer and posters featuring the cast as stylized skull portraits

suicide squad movie new trailer january 2016

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Suicide Squad gets a new trailer and plenty of character posters

Looking forward to the David Ayer-directed Suicide Squad movie? Excited for a year of unconventional superheroes/super baddies coming to the big screen? Check out a brand new trailer as well as two handfuls of new character posters featuring the worst of the worst for DC’s Suicide Squad. The marketing is just getting amped up for the film, and the movie doesn’t hit theaters until this August, so we’re bound to see more of this one before its release. Personally, I’m loving the color combo used for the title treatment in the new trailer, and the stylized skull character posters just released (aside from the unfortunate hashtag) are pretty sweet.

Check out the brand new trailer and all twelve new posters for Suicide Squad after the jump.



STAR TREK BEYOND trailer is fueled by a classic Beastie Boys ditty and a new director

star trek beyond movie trailer

Star Trek Beyond trailer is boldly rocking the Beastie Boys again

The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond flew in a while back (forgive me for playing catch-up), and the movie looks like an exciting turn into familiar territory made new again. The third movie in the franchise J. J. Abrams rebooted, Beyond brings us a new villain and a new adventure.

Watch the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond after the jump.



RIP: Alan Rickman has died from cancer at 69

alan rickman dead at 69 from cancer

Iconic character and dramatic actor Alan Rickman has died

Confirmed this morning to have passed “surrounded by family and friends,” beloved character actor Alan Rickman has passed away at the age of 69. He battled and finally quietly succumbed to cancer today. Rip, Mr. Rickman. From growing up watching you plummet to your death from the Nakatomi building in Die Hard to seeing you embody Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series or lending your humor to personal favorites like Galaxy Quest, Dogma, and The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’ve made an impression many times over. You will be missed.


RIP: Musician/actor/icon DAVID BOWIE passes away at 69 after 18-month battle with cancer

david bowie dead at 69

David Bowie dead at 69 after succumbing to cancer

This morning, the world is reeling from the sudden news that musician/actor/icon David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. Many more sites have already compiled more thorough, heartfelt eulogies than I ever could, so here’s a simple rest in peace for the Starman.

RIP, Mr. Bowie. You were loved and will be missed by many.


THE JUNGLE BOOK movie poster triptych was slowly revealed to showcase the main players

the jungle book movie poster triptych

The Jungle Book live-action adaptation gets a trio of posters

Jon Favreau‘s upcoming live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book for Disney has quietly been establishing itself as a movie full of beautiful visuals and intriguing man/animal interaction. Fanning the subtle flames, a trio of new posters were released recently to form the above banner poster triptych, which is pretty fantastic. All the major players are here, from King Louie and Kaa on the left to Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera front and center and on over to Shere Khan and Akela there on the right.

If you like the banner above, you can take a closer look at each section of the three-piece poster puzzle after the jump.



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