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RIP: Anton Yelchin dead at 27

actor anton yelchin dead at 27

Actor Anton Yelchin dies in freak accident at the age of 27

This year has been one of deep sadness and devestating loss of tremendous talent, and actor Anton Yelchin has joined the list of celebrities and public figures who have passed in 2016. Yelchin died early this morning in front of his home in what appears to be a freak accident. TMZ reports:

Yelchin’s friends became alarmed because he was supposed to meet them hours earlier for a rehearsal. They went to his San Fernando Valley home at around 1 AM and found him pinned between his car and a brick mailbox, which was attached to a security gate.

Law enforcement tells us the engine was running when his body was discovered, and the car was in neutral. The driveway was on a fairly steep incline. It’s unclear why he got out of the car.

RIP. You will be missed.


FROZEN claymation blood test scene parodies John Carpenter’s movie The Thing

frozen the thing claymation parody video

Frozen meets The Thing in this bloody claymation parody

I knew this claymation parody of Disney’s Frozen crossed with John Carpenter’s movie The Thing looked familiar. I was in the process of getting everything ready for this post when I thought, “Hey, that older Pingu/The Thing crossover would be a great add-on” only to discover that claymation artist Lee Hardcastle was responsible for both (and a whole lot more). Hardcastle seems to enjoy taking cute and innocent things and tearing them apart in glorious claymation fashion, so if you don’t want to taint your Frozen memories maybe turn away.

If the idea of a Frozen/The Thing crossover as well as a few more claymation The Thing parodies sounds right up your alley, check out the videos after the jump.

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WAR DOGS trailer gives Jonah Hill and Miles Teller keys to the arms race kingdom

war dogs movie trailer 2016

War Dogs trailer tells true story of fledgling arms dealers

Playing a little trailer catch-up, and the movie War Dogs has been on my radar since the first trailer dropped a few months ago. The movie star Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as real-life amateur arms dealers who dive headfirst into the international arms trade by lowballing the competition by more than $50 million. The aesthetic and story makes me think of the Nicolas Cage movie Lord of War, and it’ll be interesting to see director Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Due Date) venture into somewhat-more-serious territory.

Watch the trailer for War Dogs, read an official plot synopsis, and check out a poster for the movie after the jump.

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New SUICIDE SQUAD posters keep teasing the ensemble

suicide squad in squad we trust movie poster

Suicide Squad posters showcase a few members the cast

DC’s upcoming oddball Suicide Squad continues to tease its bad guy attitude through the movie’s marketing (even if that attitude leans a bit toward the Hot Topic aisle). A new batch of promo posters popped up recently focusing both on the ensemble cast as well as a few solo characters. That’s one of them above toting the tagline “In Squad We Trust” with the main crew lined up. What do you think?

After the jump you can check out character posters for Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and Will Smith’s Deadshot as well as two more ensemble posters that are kind of fun. If anything, I’m looking forward to Suicide Squad for its new ensemble and the involvement of director David Ayer (Fury, Training Day, End of Watch). He seems to be having a blast here, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Give the new posters a look!

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BLOOD FATHER trailer sees Mel Gibson out for vengeance yet again

blood father movie trailer mel gibson

Mel Gibson protects his daughter in Blood Father trailer

Mel Gibson is a mixed bag when it comes to his big screen vs personal life reputation, but his upcoming movie Blood Father looks like a good time. His personal opinions and ravings aside, the man is almost universally praised as a powerhouse performer on-screen and a solid storyteller behind the camera, so it’s nice to see him back in action. While Gibson has been getting a lot of publicity recently for news about a Passion of the Christ sequel, Blood Father sort of slipped through the cracks when the trailer debuted a while back and I wanted to make sure I shared this preview before it hits theaters this summer.

Watch the first trailer for Blood Father, read a plot synopsis for the movie, and check out the poster after the jump.

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