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BOOKS: Little Golden Books is issuing a STARS WARS saga six-book collection

star wars little golden books

Star Wars episodes I-VI turning into Little Golden Books

It’s silly how excited I am to see all six Star Wars films turning into a series of Little Golden Books! As in, these may have me more excited than Star Wars Episode VII, which feels ridiculous to say, but I grew up with a healthy collection of these books on my shelf as a kid. As an adult, having not seen that golden spine in easily a decade, I feel like adding all six books to my current book shelf is a no-brainer. I don’t have kids, and I can’t see myself having kids any time soon, but if that day ever comes it would be amazing to read them the epic adventure every night before bed. Got kids now, one on the way, or just a die-hard fan of the Star Wars series? How great are these Little Golden Books?!

Pre-order the entire collection, or pick and choose from all six individual books, after the jump!

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SPECTRE full-length trailer sees Bond finally meeting his match

james bond spectre trailer header

Geek Out! is a quick glimpse of something new and cool without a story’s worth of text to wade through.

Bond is a kite in a hurricane in full-length Spectre trailer

Spectre, or Bond 25 if you prefer, finally gets the full-length trailer we’ve been waiting for, and it’s packed with bits and pieces we can put together. Surprisingly, it feels like this longer trailer reveals less about Daniel Craig‘s Bond’s secrets than the short teaser that was released in March (click the bold Spectre link above to check it out). Also surprising is how Christoph Waltz and crew are still being coy about his character and denying he’s Blofeld. Only time will tell, but fans are pretty convinced of the contrary. What do you think? After that display in the trailer, we can at least be sure he’s some behind-the-scenes puppet master of sorts, and it looks like we’re getting another great villain for the franchise.

Watch the first full-length trailer for Spectre after the jump.

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THE GOOD DINOSAUR full-length trailer teases Pixar’s beautiful new movie

the good dinosaur movie trailer header

The Good Dinosaur looks to dazzle as full-length trailer debuts

Pixar is already enjoying a great year, and The Good Dinosaur, the studio’s next film, looks absolutely stunning. The first full-length trailer for The Good Dinosaur debuted today, and I was immediately blown away at how photorealistic the landscapes and scenery look. Pair what appears to be Pixar’s most beautiful offering yet with their tested formula aimed to please both young and old alike, and we’re in for a real treat this Thanksgiving. As Inside Out leaves theaters (you can probably still catch it if you’re lucky), The Good Dinosaur aims to blow us away with its beauty months before the movie is sure to make its own waves in the theater.

Watch the first full-length trailer for The Good Dinosaur after the jump.

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SICARIO trailer teases a tense mature thriller from the director of Enemy and Prisoners

sicario movie benicio del toro image

Sicario trailer sees Emily Blunt taking on the Mexican drug cartel

Sicario is a movie that somehow slipped by me and got lost in the shuffle, and that’s a shame. I saw that sweet image of Benicio Del Toro up above a while back, and that was all I really heard about the picture. The new film from director Denis Villeneuve (Enemy, Prisoners) is a step outside the intimate setting, small cast aesthetic the man has made his trademark, and it looks like an exceptional thriller in the vein of old school Michael Mann perfection. The first trailer for Sicario is dark, twisted, taught, and intense in all the right ways, previewing a plot worth unraveling on the big screen. Emily Blunt gets herself entangled in border-crossing corruption in a bad way, and it looks like she’s in over her head.

Watch the first trailer for the upcoming thriller Sicario, read a plot synopsis, and check out a handful of posters after the jump.

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THE REVENANT teaser trailer sees Leonardo DiCaprio left for dead in the 1800s

the revenant trailer leonardo dicaprio image

The Revenant trailer previews beautiful-looking survival movie

The Revenant, for those unfamiliar with the project, is the newest film from director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman, Babel). Based on the first teaser trailer alone, the movie looks amazing as both a masterclass in the craft, with its fantastic panning shots, and an epic old world survival story inspired by true events. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as real-life frontiersman Hugh Glass, a man robbed and left for dead in the 1800s after a bear attack. Tom Hardy stars as his companion, John Fitzgerald, and the two look primed for the unforgiving elements and violence of the time. The trailer gives away very little, which is rare these days, and it’s extremely refreshing. I’m hooked, and the movie can’t come quick enough.

Watch the first breathtaking trailer for The Revenant and read a plot synopsis for the film after the jump.

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