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how it should have ended guardians of the galaxy

I am Groot! Guardians of the Galaxy gets HISHE treatment

The folks over at How It Should Have Ended have been hit or miss with their most recent videos (b-roll releases and strange little character odes), but fortunately they’ve returned to form with their take on Guardians of the Galaxy. The animated video not only addresses some interesting plot points that could have ended the action pretty quickly, but it also packs in a few great laughs while tying in both the How It Should Have Ended Villain Pub and Superhero Cafe. Great stuff!

Watch the How It Should Have Ended video for Guardians of the Galaxy after the jump. Spoilers abound, so proceed only if you’ve seen the film or if you don’t mind the spoilers!

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Teaser trailer and character posters for Pixar’s upcoming INSIDE OUT

pixar inside out character posters-01

Emotional new characters posters for Inside Out surface

Admittedly, I didn’t post the teaser trailer for Pixar’s upcoming emotional roller coaster ride titled Inside Out when it surfaced a few months ago because I was waiting for more. The teaser is actually a quick look at a handful of Pixar films capped off by a brief introduction to the characters rather than a true trailer. That said, now that a handful of fun character posters have popped up, I figured what better time than any to put together a quick introduction post. It’s hard to judge the movie based on what we’ve seen so far, but the new character posters are nice and colorful.

Check out the posters for Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy, and Sadness in full-size, as well as an ensemble poster and the teaser trailer for the film, after the jump.

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DVD & BLU-RAY: New on November 18, 2014

dvd blu-ray november 18 2014 new releases

Lots of great new November movies on DVD & Blu-ray

It’s Tuesday again film fans and fanatics, and you know what that means. Another new week of home video releases to add to your DVD & Blu-ray collection have surfaced! Every Tuesday we usually see one or two high-profile new releases (we’ve got a few more this week) as well as a couple new-to-the-format films, smaller indie entries, a handful of television box sets, and sometimes even a surprise or two.

Here’s what’s new for the week of November 18, 2014!


22 Jump Street [Blu-ray]

Automata [Blu-ray]

Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For [Blu-ray]

And So It Goes [Blu-ray]

If I Stay [Blu-ray]

Kiki’s Delivery Service [Blu-ray]

Princess Mononoke [Blu-ray]

The Wind Rises [Blu-ray +DVD Combo Pack]

Coming Home [Blu-ray]

Moontrap [Blu-ray]

Into the Storm (Blu-ray + DVD/DigitalHD/UV]

Pocketful of Miracles [Blu-ray]

Housebound [Blu-ray]

The Dark Half [Blu-ray]

Reclaim [Blu-ray]


Masterpiece: Worricker – Turks & Caicos [Blu-ray]

Worricker – Salting the Battlefield [Blu-ray]

King of the Hill: Season 7 [DVD]

King of the Hill: Season 8 [DVD]

Robot Chicken: Christmas Specials [DVD]


BOOKS: Two must-owns for fans of the ALIEN and ROBOCOP legacies

robocop definitive history & alien the archive from titan books-01

Robocop: The Definitive History & Alien the Archive books

Titan Books has done it again with their new outstanding literary looks at film fan favorites, and this time around the company has outdone themselves with RoboCop: The Definitive History and Alien the Archive. Both are essential owns for anyone who has even the slightest attachment to one or all of the films in either iconic movie series, and flipping through the pages reveals an impressive nostalgic collection of behind the scenes photos, cast interviews, early storyboards, script almosts, and all the interesting in-betweens. Growing up loving both franchises, I couldn’t believe the amount of content inside, and a few surprises even popped out of the pages to shed light on various rumors and speculation. Lots of fun stuff here!

Check out some of the awesome photos and read a little bit about everything included in Robocop: The Definitive History and Alien the Archive after the jump!

(Apologies for the quality of some of the photos)

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IRON SKY THE COMING RACE trailer looks like guilty pleasure B-movie cinema at its best

iron sky 2 the coming race trailer header

Iron Sky The Coming Race trailer teases Nazis riding dinosaurs

The first Iron Sky movie was terrible, terrible cinema at its finest, and you either loved or hated both the concept and the on-screen madness that unfolded as the idea of Nazis with a Moonbase was realized. Now, Iron Sky The Coming Age has an official trailer, and the film wants to continue the mania in all its B-movie badassery. If this is your first introduction to Iron Sky, all you need to know is its sequel features zombie Nazis riding dinosaurs who’re in cahoots with what appears to be Sarah Palin, and the movie is being billed as Iron Sky meets Jurassic Park goes Indiana Jones .

So, if that sounds like your cup of cinema tea, watch the first trailer for Iron Sky The Coming Race after the jump (and also check out the original trailer for Iron Sky while you’re at it).

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