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BEHIND THE SCENES reels are collections of behind the scenes images from some great films. Remembering that the magic happens both on screen and behind the scenes is important when experiencing a new movie. Watching your favorite actors get a little silly when the cameras aren’t rolling can be a lot of fun, and it helps break that fourth wall by reminding us it’s all for entertainment’s sake. Take a look at the reels below, and get lost in some memorable behind the scenes shots!

BEHIND THE SCENES reel #4 (50 images)

nolan and mcconaughey interstellar behind the scenes

Another batch of behind the scenes images for your eyeballs

Stepping outside that magical world of fiction a film creates and instead seeing the magical world behind the scenes can be almost as enjoyable as buying your ticket and watching the finished product. That’s why there are plenty of behind the scenes images scattered around the Web just waiting to be found. Midroad Movie Review’s Behind the Scenes Reels are an effort to bring together as many great snapshots as I can find, filtering out the mundane and bringing you the magic, and tracking them all down is half the fun.

I’ve got 50 new images for you (that’s one up above), and you can check out behind the scenes peeks from movies like Return of the Jedi, Terminator, The Mask, Interstellar, Spaceballs, Ghostbusters, a few James Bond flicks, one or two from Blade Runner, and plenty more in the Behind the Scenes Reel #4 after the jump.

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BEHIND THE SCENES reel #3 (50 images)

fight club fincher pitt norton behind the scenes

Movie magic revealed with some great behind the scenes photos

Digging for behind the scenes photos is like searching for buried treasure. Taking a peak behind the camera at what goes on around the action on screen gives you a surreal sense of being part of the magic. Whether it’s breaking the tension of a horror film by seeing the cast cracking up or catching a glimpse of an iconic movie monster in the make-up chair, finding the perfect behind the scenes photo is a lot of fun.

Enjoy some great behind the scenes photos from some of your favorite films after the jump!

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BEHIND THE SCENES reel #1 (50 images)

empire strikes back

Break that 4th wall with some sweet behind the scenes images

Movie magic, and being able to lose oneself and be fooled by that magic for a few hours, is what makes the experience of sitting in a theater or curling up on the couch so enjoyable. In the end though it’s smart to remember movies are just movies. Everything on screen didn’t happen as you’re seeing and understanding it (insert film violence argument here), no matter how real something seems. It’s all meant to be entertainment and artistic expression, right?

Behind the scenes photos are a good way to remind us that the people making the movies we love are having just as much fun as we are when we watch their films. Hit the jump for 50 fun shots from some of your favorites!

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