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Sometimes books and film collide, and exploring that intermingled world can be pretty rewarding. Here you’ll find the occasional look at movie tie-ins and interesting articles inspired by film-related books.

(Books) SUICIDE SQUAD novelization is just as scattered and incoherent as the movie


Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization is a quick, scattered read

There’s a chance you can still catch Suicide Squad in theaters somewhere if you haven’t seen it yet. For those looking to complement the movie with some reading material, Titan Books has released a novelization to hopefully help fill in some cracks. I actually read through the book before I watched the movie, which is rare, so I went in knowing the plot and all the beats. Should I have been surprised that the movie wasn’t great? Did the book illuminate any of the glossed over bits the movie missed? Honestly, I just wasn’t impressed with either iteration of the Suicide Squad story, but the book was a little meatier than the movie (as is usually the case).

Whether you can’t get enough of these characters, want to read into motivations, or simply enjoy movie novelizations, Suicide Squad: The Official Movie Novelization might be worth a quick look. Read a short review after the jump.

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Browncoats will love this Firefly language guide and dictionary

Titan Books does a great job compiling books that complement all kinds of film and television fan favorites, and their latest look into Joss Whedon’s sci-fi/western crossover classic is an essential bookshelf addition for every Browncoat. Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the ‘Verse reads like an encyclopedia of slang thrown around by the folks in the show, and I had a lot of fun flipping through the pages and re-acquainting myself with the flowery dialect Whedon gave his characters. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a new convert, or someone who hasn’t quite taken the plunge yet, the book is an excellent way to fall in love all over again.

Take a peek inside and read a little more about Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the ‘Verse after the jump.

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independence day resurgence book review

The Independence Day duo gets an Art & Making of book

Believe it or not, it was twenty years ago that Roland Emmerich brought us the Jeff Goldblum/Will Smith/Bill Pullman blockbuster that personifies America’s love for…well..America. Now, Independence Day: Resurgence brings back the hoorah as a sequel no one really asked for but one we’ll happily enjoy during a surprising summer slump. If you’re lucky you can still catch Independence Day: Resurgence in theaters, so go check it out if you’re feeling particularly patriotic but also dig some blow-’em-up sci-fi.

Whether you enjoyed the movie or have yet to see it, Titan Books is back at it with their “making and art of” formula for exceptional art books complementing our biggest blockbusters. The Art & Making of Independence Day: Resurgence is a really nice companion piece that bridges the original film with the new sequel while providing plenty of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and concepts.

Take a quick look inside The Art & Making of Independence Day and buy the book after the jump.

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(Books) BATMAN V SUPERMAN art book and technical manual complement the movie well

batman v superman dawn of justice books

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice books dissect the movie

By now, most critics and super fans have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Reviews for the movie were pretty harsh, fans defended the film with fervor, and then The Boss beat the blockbuster out of the box office last week. Regardless of how you feel now about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it took chances and peaked curiosities and expectations around the world.

I managed to get my hands on two complementary books taking a microscopic look at the DC movie, and it’s kind of insane how much work went into crafting characters and designing the world. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me, but Zack Snyder and crew really put their hearts into every corner and concept that went into Dawn of Justice. For both fans of the new DC franchise (and yes, Batman v Superman is jump-starting a DC cinematic universe much like Marvel’s Avengers movies) and fans of movie making in general, these two titles from Titan Books are definitely worth picking up and flipping through.

Decorate your coffee table with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Tech Manual books. Take a peek inside of both after the jump!

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aliens omnibus alien next door books

Two different Aliens books are perfect for fans with xenomorph mania

With news that Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant is rounding out its cast, what better time than any to go a little xenomorph crazy. Fortunately, two recently released reads from Titan Books can help tide fans over until the new movie hits theaters. The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume One is a trio of novels that I’d go so far as to consider canon, and Alien Next Door is a cute look at our favorite movie monster as it goes about everyday life. Both books are must-owns for xenomorph lovers, so pick one up for yourself or a fan of the franchise.

Take a peek inside The Complete Aliens Omnibus Volume One and Alien Next Door after the jump.

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