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DENVER COMIC CON 2017: Celebrity Guest Panel Spotlight

denver comic con 2017 celebrity spotlight

Forget Fillion, check out these celebrity guests from Denver Comic Con 2017

Let’s face it, the biggest draws to any convention are the celebrity guest appearances, and who shows up can even determine whether a fan attends or not any given year. Denver Comic Con and the folks of Pop Culture Classroom have always tried to fill their celebrity guest roster with familiar faces, exciting industry innovators, and A-list entertainers. Even when big names cancel last minute, surprise announcements often appease attendees who’ve sworn off the convention after their celebrity of choice pulled the plug, so I respect DCC for always bringing their A game.

Denver Comic Con 2017 saw a few cancellations and late guest announcements just like any other year, adjustments were made, and cosplayers and celebrity guests alike seemed to have a great time. Arguably, this year’s biggest attractions were Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle), Weird Al, Catherine Tate (The Office, Doctor Who), and those mentioned below, but I think everyone was surprised when John Cusack seemingly came out of nowhere as a last-minute addition.

This year was my first covering the convention as media, so no matter how ambitious my itinerary was I knew I wouldn’t be able to see all the DCC celebrity guests on my list. Add in expected line time (which can be hours), and trying to catch more than one or two of the biggest names at the convention was near impossible (I missed Fillion, Weird Al, the Stranger Things kids, and the Weasley twins to name a few). I juggled panel slots, vendor and artist spotlights, and cosplay photography and had to weigh my opportunity options more than a few times, but in the end I was able to get up close and semi-personal with a handful of fantastic film and television folks.

Read my recalled-from-memory rundown of panels featuring Garrett Wang, Khary Payton, Dee Bradley Baker, Phil LaMarr, Famke Janssen, Jon Heder, Michael Rossenbaum, and Wallace Shawn after the jump.

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DCC2017: Artist spotlight with Mike Maydak, the Atomic Pixies, and Keith P. Rein

dcc2017 artist spotlight denver comic con

Three great Denver Comic Con artists with three distinct styles

It’s easy to forget that the comic con aesthetic originally found footing atop comic books and the artists and authors who brought the books to life. Now, the conventions are a melting pot of everything pop culture, with films and television often taking center stage. Fortunately, most comic cons still dedicate floor space and panel time to artists, authors, and the in-betweens, and Denver Comic Con 2017 had them all in spades. Artist Valley and Author Alley overflowed with local and non-local sketchers, scribblers, painters, printers, and aspiring/established professionals of all ilks, and I took a step away from the panel halls to talk to a few artists that caught my eye at DCC this year.

I won’t sugar coat the offerings and say there weren’t handfuls of copy-and-paste pop culture prints on display, booths full of iconic characters barely given enough glossy shine or a metallic finish to sell, but hidden between the metal prints and the 16×20 staples were a few gems. I was particularly drawn to the work of Mike Maydak, the Atomic Pixies, and Keith P. Rein (whose work is a bit NSFW, so consider yourself warned).

Read some back and forth and take a look at artwork from these three artists spotlighted by Midroad Movie Review at Denver Comic Con 2017 after the jump.

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DCC2017: Cosplay photography spotlight from Denver Comic Con

DCC2017 Denver Comic Con Cosplay

Denver Comic Con 2017 Cosplay Kicked Ass

Denver Comic Con 2017 (#DCC2017) came and went last weekend, and with it hordes of fans fit and fashioned costumes from all corners of the pop culture spectrum. For a convention that’s overcome its growing pains, and hurdled last-minute celebrity guest cancellations year after year, DCC 2017 was a rousing success. It had been five years since I’d walked the halls of the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver for the annual event, and 2017 was the first time I was fortunate enough to attend as media, so memories of comic con were hazy going in at best. Camera in hand, heavy bag slung over my shoulder (which I ditched after Day 1), I hit the floor last Friday determined to shoot awesome cosplayers, establish my bearings for the long weekend ahead, and make the most of Denver Comic con as both media and maniac. I’m convinced that’s what every single one of you crazy cosplay enthusiasts and comic con attendees were (especially after watching the entry line shuffle through each day)–maniacs of the highest order! I put together a fun DCC 2017 time lapse video as proof.

Whether you attended this year’s Denver Comic Con and are looking for photos of yourself or weren’t able to attend and want to vicariously live the experience through kick ass cosplay photos, you’ll enjoy the cosplay photography spotlight gallery shot by Midroad Movie Review during the 2017 convention! Check it out after the jump.

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Get your DENVER COMIC CON tickets while they’re still available or you’ll miss out

Denver Comic Con 3

Get your ass to Denver Comic Con, you damned dirty apes!

It’s that time of year again–comic con season! Denver Comic Con is just around the corner, and Colorado’s now-iconic convention has shaped itself into one of the country’s finest. Do you have your passes? Eying a few celebrity guests and planning photograph/autograph moments that’ll be etched into your being for the rest of your life? Three-day passes are sold out, but you can still snag tickets for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (1-day passes) if you get them quick. We’re still a month out from con day, so secure your spot on the con floor while you still can!

Take a peek at some photos from last year’s Denver Comic Con, browse the celebrity guest list, sign up to help out as a volunteer, and read a little info about Pop Culture Classroom (the organization behind Denver Comic Con) after the jump.

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WARCRAFT bloopers and gag reel gets motion capture silly with yucks in Azeroth


Clancy Brown’s gyrating chuckle is the highlight of the Warcraft gag reel

It’s always fun to see behind the scenes through movie bloopers. The gag reel for Warcraft just popped up online, and it’s worth a watch for the cast chuckles and Clancy Brown silliness. I could listen to Clancy Brown talking nonsense as an orc for an hour and never get tired of him having a good time. Other than Brown’s moments, the bloopers highlight a handful of crack ups from most of the cast as well as some motion capture-inspired ridiculousness. There’s fun to be had by all whether you loved or hated the movie.

So, if you want to see Ruth Negga try to land a full-tongue macking on Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster cracking up in full makeup, or Clancy Brown gyrating on a motion capture set, give the blooper reel for Warcraft a watch after the jump.

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