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When it comes to video games, whether you’re a casual gamer or an avid gamer, most of the time you have to wade through some crap to pick out the peanuts of goodness. Games To Play is a column dedicated to popping a couple not-so-enjoyable video games into the tray in order to find some worth playing. If you’re looking for something different, need a break from your 100 hour RPG, are looking for something to recommend to a friend, or just need a new game to play check in often and see what’s in the tray.


spartacus legends decapitation image

Spartacus Legends is available now and free to play

Platforms: Xbox, PS3          Game Type: Arcade, Fighting

Spartacus Legends is based on the brutal guilty pleasure Starz television series, and the arcade game is completely free to play on both Xbox and Playstation 3. Getting an entire game for free is almost unheard of these days, so when a fun one comes along that doesn’t cost you a penny it’s a smart choice to at least try it out. Simply download the game, play through the quick tutorial fight as Spartacus, and then work your way up from a fresh slave looking to make a name for himself in the arena to a seasoned and battle-equipped gladiator.

The controls are simple, and the options for evolving your character are varied and enjoyable to customize. For a free game you get quite a bit of content (400G in achievements), and downloading the experience will probably be the smartest thing you do today.

Read more about why Spartacus Legends is worth playing, and check out a trailer with gameplay footage, after the jump!

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