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New READY PLAYER ONE trailer looks like a nostalgic video game cutscene wet dream

ready player one movie trailer 2018

Spielberg’s Ready Player One adaptation teased in first trailer

The newest trailer for Stephen Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of Ernest Cline’s divisive sci-fi ’80s nostalgia novel just dropped today, and it’s something. Cline’s book received as much praise as it did punishment for being what boils down to Willy Wonka’s Wild Ride of Nostalgia. A large portion of the book involved callbacks to toys, games, movies, and just about anything you can think of from the ’80s brought back to life through the OASIS–a virtual reality video game world. I didn’t hate or love the book, but the callbacks and nods were a bit heavy-handed at times (one of the main plot point challenges saw the protagonist reenact the entirety of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). That said, I have friends who absolutely loved the book and the world Cline created/adapted. Whether you’re a fan or a skeptic, Spielberg’s adaptation is hitting theaters next March. The first/sneak peek trailer came out of Comic Con earlier this year.

Watch the new trailer for Ready Player One, read a plot synopsis, and check out the first poster for the movie after the jump.

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ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL trailer sees Christoph Waltz meet a cyborg with secrets

alita battle angel movie trailer 2018

Cameron and Rodriguez bring Alita: Battle Angel to the big screen

The first trailer for Alita: Battle Angel came out of nowhere the other day, and the intriguing collaboration between James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez looks fun, to say the least. Adapted from the Japanese Manga by Yukito Kishiro, the trailer teases the well-worn tale of an artificial intelligence/robot/cyborg who finds humanity. I know absolutely nothing about the comics/Manga, so I’m not an authority you should trust to tell you if this is up your alley or not. Personally, I really like the tone of the trailer…and then it goes all anime crazy metal tentacles and menacing Ed Skrein robot on us, and I’m really not sure what to think anymore. My curiosity is piqued.

Check out the first trailer for 2018’s Alita: Battle Angel and learn a little more about the movie after the jump.

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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer brings everyone together for the first/last time

avengers infinity war movie trailer marvel 2018

Avengers: Infinity War trailer sees Thanos collecting Infinity Stones

The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was teased yesterday, and it was released early this morning to as much fanfare as you’d expect for a movie and an ensemble event this long in the making. Can you believe it’s almost been ten years since the first Iron Man movie came out? Guess it pays off to properly plan and execute a franchise of this magnitude (lookin’ at you, DC). This movie is going the make so much money and so many fans cream their pants in delight when it finally hits theaters next May. What can one say about Avengers: Infinity War that hasn’t been said? I’ve already seen trailer breakdowns and Kevin Smith’s reaction, and countless websites are going to pore over every second of this “teaser” trailer for the rest of the week/month/year. The movie comes to us after a decade of world building, with so many meticulously placed pieces all adding up to the biggest, baddest Marvel movie to-date. You know if you’re butt’s going to be front and center on opening day or if this superhero hubbub just isn’t your thing. So, again, what more needs to be said?

Check out the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War after the jump in case you missed it this morning or just need to watch and re-watch it before you call it a night. You’ll also find a plot synopsis and the Infinity War poster that Tom Holland “accidentally” revealed the other day.

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ISLE OF DOGS trailer reminds us Wes Anderson’s stop-motion is as quirky as his live-action

isle of dogs movie trailer wes anderson

First trailer for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs debuted its first trailer just over two months ago, so my apologies for only now sharing it. The site’s due for a redesign, and I’ve been falling behind, but it’s good to be back. The new stop-motion full-length feature from Wes Anderson comes eight years after Fantastic Mr. Fox, the director’s first foray into stop-motion, and it’s great to see Anderson dipping his toes into the medium again. This time around, we’re taken to Japan twenty years in the future, a time when overcrowding of the canine population leads to an outbreak of dog flu, and then we crash land with the film’s main character onto…wait for it…an isle of exiled dogs. The premise is fun, the voice acting is top-notch (Anderson has a rolodex full of familiar faces/voices to fill out his cast), and the fine edge and composition that have become a Wes Anderson staple all make Isle of Dogs worth the watch. I’m loving everything I see here.

Haven’t heard of Isle of Dogs or need a refresher since it’s been so long since the trailer dropped? Watch the trailer, read a short plot synopsis, and check out two posters for Isle of Dogs after the jump.

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Brand new STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI trailer teases a dark, dramatic sequel

new star wars last jedi trailer 2017

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer questions Rey and Kylo Ren’s loyalties

A brand new full-length Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer just debuted, and it’s safe to say the long-awaited eighth installment in the originally planned nine-film franchise is high on film fans’ must-watch lists this fall. Comparisons to Empire Strikes Back aside given this one’s in the middle of the three-film current arc, there’s definitely a darker tone and an ominous ending to to new trailer. Loyalties are in question, the death of an iconic character is essentially dangled in our faces, and on the surface it appears Rey and Kylo Ren are joining forces. The Last Jedi’s second full-length trailer is bound to be dissected and put under the microscope even more than the newest Justice League trailer, and there’s plenty of eye-popping, theory-sparking new footage to sink your teeth into. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi-Rey’s Emotional Rollercoaster; Damn Those AT-ATs hits theaters just in time for Christmas, so you’ve got plenty of time to watch and re-watch the new trailer before then.

Check out the brand new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer after the jump.

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