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The more movies one watches the easier it seems to become cynical and overly critical. While I may be a little bit of both in my movie reviews from time to time I like to think I’m fair, open-minded, and insightful. Unfortunately, I don’t find myself in a theater seat as often as I’d like, so the films I review are few and far between. That said, every movie review is meant to provoke thought and be enjoyed!

(Album Review) BLINK 182’s new album CALIFORNIA is no return to glory

blink 182 california review 2016

Review of Blink 182’s new album California

Remember that new album from Blink 182 that was hinted at earlier this summer? Well, California, the new 16-track album from Blink 182, dropped on July 1st, and it’s unfortunately far from revolutionary. The new lineup, which sees Tom Delonge replaced by Alakaline Trio’s Matt Skiba on lead guitar – Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker on bass and drums still – is really missing that almost-grating high pitch that Tom brought to the trio. What was hoped to be a return to their pop-punk pedestal is instead a rehash of teenage rowdiness, aging angst and nostalgia, and an I’m-too-old-for-this-shit over-polished repetition. There are a few bright spots that’ll stick their catchy choruses to you, but for the most part California is borderline forgettable. As a long-time Blink 182 fan, I wanted more from this album.

Read more about why I wasn’t won over by Blink 182’s new album California after the jump.

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(Review) Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK is a solid CGI showcase that’s not without its flaws

jungle book movie review disney 2016

The Jungle Book is a beautiful “live action” adaptation

The Disney camp is going full steam ahead with their commitment to live-action remakes of classic animated movies. The latest in what’s promised to be a long line of reboots is the Jon Favreau-directed, CGI-heavy big screen adaptation of The Jungle Book, and the new movie proves to be an exceptional showcase of modern digital animation. That said, the weakest element in 2016’s first big Disney spectacle (don’t forget, Marvel is now Disney’s baby) is the human aspect, and I can’t help long for an all-animal Lion King movie in the same style.

As a family friendly live-action update to one of the most cherished animated classics, The Jungle Book is sure to please most audiences. It’s cute, beautiful, surprising, frightening, and inspiring while staying true to both the original Disney classic as well as the Rudyard Kipling source material. Not without a few faults, The Jungle Book previews a new wave of anthropomorphic animal drama aimed at exploring humanity’s moral dilemmas.

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(Review) HARDCORE HENRY is jarring, silly, and wildly entertaining

hardcore henry movie review 2016

Hardcore Henry is the video game movie we’ve been waiting for

Hardcore Henry started out as a wild little Indiegogo project way back in 2014, originally titled Hardcore, and now it’s secured distribution and finally made its way to theaters. I’ve watched this ambitious little monster since the Indigogo project was in the funding stages, and I managed to catch an early screening of Hardcore Henry just before it hit theaters last week. It’s been kind of exciting seeing a movie grow and evolve to widespread release, and I couldn’t resist writing up a review.

Hardcore Henry is wildly entertaining (for the right crowd), more than a little jarring, super violent, and surprisingly hilarious. It’s probably the best Universal Soldier remake we can ever hope for, and you can read my review of the movie after the jump.

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(Review) STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is a blast from the past and a push toward something new

star wars the force awakens review han and chewie

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is flawed but still fun

Does it surprise anyone that Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens blasted by $250 million after only three days in theaters? It shouldn’t, because the newest Star Wars release, regardless of fan reaction and critic review, is a cultural milestone. I had mixed feelings about The Force Awakens after seeing it, and things continue to nag at me the longer I think about them, but overall I really enjoyed the movie.

Read my review of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens after the jump.

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(Review) MAGGIE is a subtle, slow-burning zombie meditation

arnold schwarzenegger maggie movie review image 1

Maggie is less zombie movie than you might expect

The idea of pitting Arnold Schwarzenegger against zombies is one I’m surprised hasn’t played out on film already. As someone who was hoping to see the aging action star go balls-to-the-wall against the undead, I was a little disappointed in what Maggie actually was. Schwarzenegger dual-wielding double barrel shotguns against hordes of zombies this is not. That said, the movie is a quiet meditation focusing more on losing loved ones and the transformation rather than mass hysteria and the fight for survival we’re used to seeing. Maggie is going to polarize its audience and lose points for the slow-burn setup, but it might find a home with fans of the genre looking for a quiet new entry.

Read a few more thoughts and the rest of my short Maggie review the jump.

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