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Quick Fix Hulu is a look at must see movies and shows available on the popular streaming service. Stop wading through countless titles only to come away with a sub-par viewing experience. Unfortunately, the lineup of shows and films on Hulu at any given time may change, but each recommendation on the list was available when it was posted on this site. See what Hulu has that’s up your alley and worth watching by searching for some of these great titles!

QUICK FIX Hulu – TV Shows

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What worth-watching TV shows are available on Hulu?

**DISCLAIMER – Hulu occasionally rearranges their content. Any suggestions found in this list are available at the time of posting, but Hulu’s offerings are subject to change.

This reel of Quick Fix Hulu focuses on TV shows. Whether you’re looking for a laugh (America’s Funniest Home Videos), hoping to get lost in some drama (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy), are in the mood for a quirky yet relatable show set in the workplace (The Office, Parks and Recereation), or want to scare yourself a bit (Look, The X-Files) Hulu has a little something for everyone. You just have to do a some digging to find the good stuff.

Uncover a few gems and get addicted to a new show after the jump!

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