THE DISASTER ARTIST trailer promises a self-aware meta mockumentary of The Room

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The Disaster Artist trailers put Tommy Wiseau front and center again

No one knew what to expect when The Disaster Artist was first announced. Until the new trailer for the movie dropped, wondering why a James Franco-starring meta mockumentary film about the making of the infamous movie The Room needed to exist would be a natural response. Having seen the trailer, I’m joining the online opinion that The Disaster Artist could be something special. Not as laugh-out-loud upsettingly terrible as The Room special, but terribly laugh-out-loud upsetting in an ironic sort of way. Franco’s portrayal of the cartoonish Tommy Wiseau seems on-point, and the humor appears to be a self-deprecating thread holding together a more heartfelt tale of dreams, triumphs, and disasters.

If you’re still skeptical, check out the new trailer after the jump.

Here’s the brand new full-length trailer that just dropped. It finally previews more of the movie while giving skeptical film fans an earful of James Franco’s Tommy Wiseau accent. The brief teaser trailer (watch it below this full-length one) featured a scene with a very subtle Wiseau accent, and it wasn’t enough to convince many viewers that Franco nailed the part. Now, after the new trailer, general consensus is he’s knocking Wiseau’s mannerisms (accent and all) out of the park. Anyway, here’s the trailer:

Not too shabby, right? In fact, pretty inspiring as an A24 title in my opinion (the studio seems to have more hits than misses compared to just about any other), and I’m sure all involved had a blast bringing this movie to the big screen. I’d be curious to know how close any of them got to Wiseau during research and filming. There’s not much more needed to be said about this one. The Disaster Artist is a Spinal Tap-level mockmentary about a movie (The Room) so bad it inspired sell-out screenings for bad movie fans to throw footballs and laugh along with how bad it is. Either you love the idea or you hate it, and only time will tell if it’s worth the effort Franco and his band of merry mates put into this weird, wacky-looking movie.

In case you didn’t see the first teaser trailer for The Disaster Arstist, here it is:

And for kicks, here’s the LEGO trailer that was released almost immediately after the teaser was released:

The Disaster Artist stars James FrancoDave Franco, Seth RogenZac EfronAlison BrieJosh HutchersonZoey DeutchSharon Stone, and a gaggle of celebrities cameoing as themselves. The meta movie hits theaters on December 1, 2017.

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