NINJA TURTLES casts final three turtles

Ninja Turtles

Artwork done by deviant artist darkmodifier

The Michael Bay produced and Jonathan Liebesman directed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film (currently titled Ninja Turtles) has found its final three turtles. The film seems to be picking up speed, and casting for the turtles is just the beginning.

Who is joining Alan Ritchson (Blue Mountain State, Smallville), recently cast as Raphael, to fill the CG shells of Donatello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo? Find out after the jump!


PACIFIC RIM poster focuses on Japanese Jaeger Coyote Tango

Pacific Rim Japanese Jaeger poster

Collateral damage aplenty in this new poster for Pacific Rim

The viral marketing for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim has been fairly rampant in regards to revealing small bits and pieces of a very large movie. The latest piece is a character poster for one of the robot battle suit things called Jaegers. Here we see the Japanese Jaeger, named Coyote Tango, making a mess of things.

More info about the movie and some technical blue-prints/marketing pieces for the rest of the Jaegers for Pacific Rim after the jump.


The ENDER’S GAME battle room is here!

Ender's Game battle room poster

New poster for Ender’s Game!

Ender’s Game is getting all kinds of good news today! Earlier director Gavin Hood updated his Tumblr page with info regarding how “fantastic” the battle room sequences are, and now we a look at the battle room itself by way of a new poster!

Read what Hood told Yahoo regarding the atmosphere of the battle room sequences after the jump.


ENDER’S GAME update from director Gavin Hood

Ender's Game Null G image

Gavin Hood says the the battle room scenes are “fantastic”

In Gavin Hood‘s first update since last June (via his Tumblr page) he ensures us the zero gravity battle room scenes in Ender’s Game are looking “fantastic”. Will the rest of the film measure up?

Read his comments, check out a new image from the film, see some already-released images, and get a look at the battle school emblems below the jump.


New posters and images for THE WOLVERINE

The Wolverine movie poster

Wolverine in Japan fighting ninjas? Yes, please!

Two new posters and a handful of new images for The Wolverine have made their way online, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Here we get one good poster, one bad poster, and some new stills showing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine looking mean and not doing much else. We also get a glimpse at supporting cast members Mariko and Viper.

Check out the other less-than-impressive poster and the new images after the jump.


Trailer & Poster for WORLD WAR Z

A new trailer and poster have been released for the upcoming apocalyptic zombie film World War Z. The trailers forshadow the movie’s distance from the source material, but coming from director Marc Forster (The Kite Runner, Stranger Than Fiction, Quantum of Solace), and starring Brad Pitt we might get a decent movie regardless.

Check out the poster after the jump.

UPDATE: Now with a new poster featuring Brad Pitt in a helicopter