(Books) THE GREAT WALL art book and official movie novelization

the great wall art of the movie book review

Take a peek inside The Great Wall: The Art of the Film book

The Great Wall is an example of negative hype and misinformation killing a movie before it ever got its legs, which is unfortunate. Regardless of the quality of the film itself, The Great Wall was doomed to fail for being everything it wasn’t, and it’s sad to see this one stir up controversy and essentially be forgotten so quickly. If you’re not familiar with the hubbub surrounding The Great Wall, the CliffNotes tell of a Chinese-funded and directed movie that was socially panned as a film guilty of whitewashing its cast with Matt Damon’s casting (even though the director made it clear the controversy was unfounded). After the initial backlash, it was all downhill. The movie was serviceable at best, but the real shame is that more moviegoers aren’t going to dig deeper to find the exceptional art book that was released to complement the film. I’ve got a growing collection of these art and making of books, and none quite captures the tone, texture, and cultural influence of its movie like The Great Wall: The Art of the Film. Whether you liked the movie or not, it’s worth finding a copy of this book and adding it to your own art and making of collection.

Take a look inside the book to see what makes it unique, and read a short review of the official novelization after the jump.




valerian and the city of a thousand planets movie trailer 2

Latest Valerian movie trailer proves Besson is back, baby

If the first trailer for Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was meant to introduce the director’s upcoming graphic novel adaptation, the newest trailer aims to wow with its world building and the outrageous look of the movie. I’m sold. Many are calling this Besson’s spiritual Fifth Element follow-up, and it’s clear why people feel that way. The trailer is gorgeous, which means the movie itself is going to look amazing on the big screen. While most are in agreement that the visuals will stun, the same viewers are worried leads Cara Delevigne and Dane Dehaan won’t have the charisma to sell the material. Early, unfounded comparisons to flops like Jupiter Ascending and John Carter have been made, but only time will tell how Valerian fairs. Again, I’m sold, and I’ve been on team DeHaan since he first made waves in Chronicle. Fingers crossed this movie kicks ass.

Watch the new, eye-popping trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, read a plot synopsis, and check out a new poster for the movie after the jump.




xxx official novelization book review

Why does The Return of Xander Cage – The Official Movie Novelization exist?

If I’m being blunt, there’s no need for a novelization of a xXx movie, or any Vin Diesel high-octane blockbuster. There really isn’t. Why read about Diesel doing the Dew and skiing through a jungle in slow motion when it’s available on-screen in all its sensory overload absurdity. That said, personally, I picked up xXx: The Return of Xander Cage – The Official Movie Novelization for one reason and one reason only. How does an author attempt, let alone pull off, the prose version of a xXx adventure without sounding like a fourteen-year-old who is himself jacked up on Mountain Dew? Well, Titan Books and Tim Waggoner gave it a shot, and I’m happy to say I’m as satisfied as I am disappointed with the end result.

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First JUSTICE LEAGUE full-length trailer assembles the team and pours on the action

justice league movie trailer 2017

Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie gets its first full-length trailer

The first official Justice League trailer has finally arrived, and it’s something. Tonally, things feel askew as the trailer begins, but for the most part the action-heavy preview manages to hype the film successfully. Technically this is the first full-length preview for Justice League, but fans of the DC ensemble and attendees of Comic Con (and soon after the rest of the world) were shown footage way back in July 2016, so it’s about time a proper trailer surfaced to help save the floundering franchise (as most of the new DCU films have subtly promised to do) that’s trying to do battle with Marvel’s behemoth. Again, personally, the trailer’s introduction seemed off, but I have a lot of fun once that Zack Snyder action is on full display. Here’s hoping the movie is an enjoyable ride.

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BABY DRIVER trailers finally tease Edgar Wright’s upcoming action comedy

baby driver movie trailer edgar wright

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver gets two very different trailers

The first trailers (official U.S. and international) for Edgar Wright‘s musically infused action comedy Baby Driver have debuted, and they’re a mixed bag. Meaning, both trailers do their job of previewing the movie, and it looks like fun, but the pair establish such disparate tones that you’d think there was two different cuts of Baby Driver hitting theaters in August. That said, if you weren’t aware this was an Edgar Wright affair, there’s nothing outstanding that drips with his style enough to immediately be recognizable. That’s both intriguing and disconcerting, especially when you hear a beat or two pulled straight from paint-by-numbers “good guy in a bad spot” type movies. Wright has yet to let film fans down though, so here’s hoping Baby Driver sits nicely atop his director’s resume.

Watch both trailers for Baby Driver, read a short plot synopsis, and check out the first poster for the movie after the jump.



Brand new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 trailer comes in hot and vibrant

guardians of the galaxy vol 2 movie trailer 2

Baby Groot is super cute in new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer

I think it’s safe to say that Baby Groot will officially steal the show come May when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters. That said, every member of the team stands out in their own way, and it looks like we’ll be seeing a familiar face or two officially join the ranks this time around (looking at you Nebula and Yondu). Plus, a handful of new players are on screen for the first time (Pom Klementieff’s Mantis, Kurt Russell’s Ego), and we’re bound to see more of them as the Guardians of the Galaxy cross paths with The Avengers in the near future. Until then, get hyped and crack a smile, because the brand new trailer for Vol. 2 is here and kicks ass.

Watch Star-Lord and crew do their thing in the new trailer and two new posters for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 after the jump.