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(Books) THE PEANUTS MOVIE art and making of book is a treat for fans

peanuts movie art book

The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie Review & Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays, here’s your chance to get your hands on a copy of The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie! If you’re lucky, you can still catch the movie in theaters, and Titan Books has done an exceptional job of collecting behind-the-scenes artwork and digital renderings to give us a glimpse of how the animated film was brought to life. It just so happens I’ve got an extra copy of the art book to give away!

To enter, simply send an e-mail to acallcreative@gmail.com with PEANUTS MOVIE BOOK in the subject line and include your NAME and PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS in the body of the message. The winner will be chosen randomly on December 14, 2015 (12/14), and I’ll make sure to get the book to you before Christmas. 

*(Sorry, but U.S. participants only)*

Talk about a great holiday gift for yourself or a movie/Peanuts fan. The book is pretty great, and you can take a peek inside and read a bit about what’s between the covers of The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie after the jump.

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FUN STUFF: Some great movies, TV shows, and video games in the vein of Dr. Seuss

2001 seussDeviantArtist DrFaustusAU seems to enjoy taking popular culture icons from some of your favorite films, TV shows, and videos games and giving them the good ol’ Dr. Seuss treatment. He does a pretty great job too. Oh what a world it would be if the full books of these adaptations actually existed. Can you imagine having a shelf of these gems decorating your house or apartment? How about stumbling across them at your local library? Fun stuff indeed!

Check out art pieces for Resident Evil, The Evil Dead, Silence of the Lambs, Iron Man, Ghostbusters, Predator, Silent Hill, Terminator, and more after the jump!

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(Books) THE ART OF JOHN ALVIN is a fantastic look at the legacy of a movie poster icon

art of john alvin book cover header

The Art of John Alvin is a must-own for film fans

Once again, the great folks over at Titan Books have reached out regarding an upcoming release, and this time around it felt like a true privilege to get my hands on a copy of The Art of John Alvin. Seriously, if you call yourself a film fan and simply can’t find space on your coffee table for more than one book, make the one you own this fantastic collection. It hits physical and digital bookshelves early next week (August 26th).

The tasty sundae of being able to flip through the pages of the book came topped with the unexpected cherrie of getting to send a handful of questions along to the book’s author, John’s wife and widow, frequent collaborator, and extremely talented artist in her own right, Andrea Alvin. Together, John and Andrea are responsible for some of the most beautiful, unforgettable, and iconic movie posters and marketing campaign tidbits in the history of the industry, and that’s no exaggeration.

Take a quick peek inside the cover of The Art of John Alvin, and read a some sentiment shared by Andrea Alvin regarding her husband and the business, after the jump.

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FUN STUFF: Awesome animation/FX reel from the creative folks at Blur Studio

blur studio animation fx reel header

Blur Studio knows what they’re doing in the animation/fx department

I stumbled across this today and had to share. Blur Studio has had their hands in some pretty epic video game and movie scenes, and if you’re not in the mood to watch each of their works individually the best way to take in the awesomeness is by checking out their animation/fx reel. This kind of work has to be ridiculously meticulous and even monotonous at times, but the end result sure is pretty.

Watch the worthwhile video after the jump.

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FUN STUFF: Arstist creates movie posters for vintage modern-day classics

avatar vintage poster

Ever wonder what some of your favorite modern-day movies might look like if they were thought up and pushed into production long before their time? New York artist Peter Stults has got you covered. Stults created a series of pretty awesome movie posters imagining some box office hits as well as a few smaller films as if they’d been cast with vintage-era actors.

Check out a whopping 40 more posters after the jump.

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