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(Books) THE ART OF MONDO is the quintessential indie movie poster book

art of mondo book review brad bird tim league

The Art of Mondo book is a must-have for film and poster fans

The Art of Mondo is a relatively new book (released in October) from publisher Insight Editions, and it’s an essential coffee table staple for any film fan who also has an affinity for fantastic poster art. That’s my elevator pitch, and I’m sticking to it. I’ve had a copy of The Art of Mondo on my table for a little while now, and to be completely honest I’ve delayed sharing a sneak peek inside the book for three reasons.

First, Alamo Drafthouse, the theater chain and umbrella company responsible for Mondo, saw it’s CEO Tim League and others attempt to climb out of the sexual harassment cesspool before the book was released. That in itself is difficult to get around as a film fan, a movie blogger, and a supporter of the artwork Mondo consistently puts out.

Second, The Art of Mondo is a dense book that’s worth taking your time with. Each poster from Mondo is usually a masterpiece in its own light, so poring over every page is a must.

Third, I just haven’t been able to give Midroad Movie Review the attention it deserves these last few months, and that’s disappointing. As we near the end of the 2017, I’m making plans to give the site a facelift and hopefully find a heartbeat that I can use to bring it back to life.

But the goal of this post is to take a closer look inside The Art of Mondo–to appreciate the art of monstrous men for what is it, as Claire Dederer recently suggested in the Paris Review–if the controversy surrounding Mondo/Alamo Drafthouse is a challenge to sidestep. The Art of Mondo is more than a coffee tale art book, even if it is that, and each section offers a brief introduction from a contributor that highlights the company’s creation and progress through the years. There’s a history of Mondo buried in here, is what I’m trying to say, and both the art and the history of the company are worth digging into.

Ready to dive in? Take a peek inside the pages of The Art of Mondo after the jump.

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DCC2017: Artist spotlight with Mike Maydak, the Atomic Pixies, and Keith P. Rein

dcc2017 artist spotlight denver comic con

Three great Denver Comic Con artists with three distinct styles

It’s easy to forget that the comic con aesthetic originally found footing atop comic books and the artists and authors who brought the books to life. Now, the conventions are a melting pot of everything pop culture, with films and television often taking center stage. Fortunately, most comic cons still dedicate floor space and panel time to artists, authors, and the in-betweens, and Denver Comic Con 2017 had them all in spades. Artist Valley and Author Alley overflowed with local and non-local sketchers, scribblers, painters, printers, and aspiring/established professionals of all ilks, and I took a step away from the panel halls to talk to a few artists that caught my eye at DCC this year.

I won’t sugar coat the offerings and say there weren’t handfuls of copy-and-paste pop culture prints on display, booths full of iconic characters barely given enough glossy shine or a metallic finish to sell, but hidden between the metal prints and the 16×20 staples were a few gems. I was particularly drawn to the work of Mike Maydak, the Atomic Pixies, and Keith P. Rein (whose work is a bit NSFW, so consider yourself warned).

Read some back and forth and take a look at artwork from these three artists spotlighted by Midroad Movie Review at Denver Comic Con 2017 after the jump.

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(Books) THE ART AND MAKING OF ALIEN: COVENANT and more from Titan Books

art making alien covenant titan books

More new Aliens tie-ins from Titan Books

Titan Books has published a respectable collection of various Alien/Aliens-themed novels, movie tie-ins, and fun printed companions to what many consider to be the only worthwhile xenomorph movies (1-4). Not only is the publisher putting out completely new Alien short stories from authors who helped create the extended universe on paper, but Titan keeps churning out making-of and behind-the-scenes art books for movies new and old within the canon. Their latest is The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant, which takes a deep dive into Ridley’s Scott’s newest film. But wait, there’s more. As a few cherries on top of the xenomorph sundae, Titan Books continues to release omnibus collections of handfuls of extended universe novels that have been written over the years, and The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume 4 drops later this month. If you’re a fan of the film franchise, the alien itself, the space setting, or the extended universe, you owe it to yourself to dig in to the Alien/Aliens offerings from Titan Books.

Take a peek inside The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant and order your copies of the first three The Complete Alien Omnibus books after the jump.

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(Books) THE PEANUTS MOVIE art and making of book is a treat for fans

peanuts movie art book

The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie Review & Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays, here’s your chance to get your hands on a copy of The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie! If you’re lucky, you can still catch the movie in theaters, and Titan Books has done an exceptional job of collecting behind-the-scenes artwork and digital renderings to give us a glimpse of how the animated film was brought to life. It just so happens I’ve got an extra copy of the art book to give away!

To enter, simply send an e-mail to acallcreative@gmail.com with PEANUTS MOVIE BOOK in the subject line and include your NAME and PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS in the body of the message. The winner will be chosen randomly on December 14, 2015 (12/14), and I’ll make sure to get the book to you before Christmas. 

*(Sorry, but U.S. participants only)*

Talk about a great holiday gift for yourself or a movie/Peanuts fan. The book is pretty great, and you can take a peek inside and read a bit about what’s between the covers of The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie after the jump.

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FUN STUFF: Some great movies, TV shows, and video games in the vein of Dr. Seuss

2001 seussDeviantArtist DrFaustusAU seems to enjoy taking popular culture icons from some of your favorite films, TV shows, and videos games and giving them the good ol’ Dr. Seuss treatment. He does a pretty great job too. Oh what a world it would be if the full books of these adaptations actually existed. Can you imagine having a shelf of these gems decorating your house or apartment? How about stumbling across them at your local library? Fun stuff indeed!

Check out art pieces for Resident Evil, The Evil Dead, Silence of the Lambs, Iron Man, Ghostbusters, Predator, Silent Hill, Terminator, and more after the jump!

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