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New JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer and posters cement the DC tag-team in crumbling stone

justice league movie trailer 2017 new wonder woman smirk

Superman died, but the Justice League is alive and kicking in new trailer

What’s there really to say about DC’s upcoming Justice League movie at this point? Love it, hate it, or shrug your shoulders over it and the GIGANTIC MONEY MAKING MACHINE superhero tentpoles have become, Justice League is hitting theaters next month. A new trailer dropped today to cement the team’s beat-em-up-together attitude, give fans a new song cover to Google, and sneak in glimpses of the villain and his disposable henchman while also hinting at the possible return of Superman. It’s a lot to digest, regardless of whether you love this stuff or not, so it’s probably worth the watch just so you can halfway decipher what people are talking about in the office tomorrow morning.

Check out the brand new full-length Justice League “Heroes” trailer and ten character posters after the jump.

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First JUSTICE LEAGUE full-length trailer assembles the team and pours on the action

justice league movie trailer 2017

Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie gets its first full-length trailer

The first official Justice League trailer has finally arrived, and it’s something. Tonally, things feel askew as the trailer begins, but for the most part the action-heavy preview manages to hype the film successfully. Technically this is the first full-length preview for Justice League, but fans of the DC ensemble and attendees of Comic Con (and soon after the rest of the world) were shown footage way back in July 2016, so it’s about time a proper trailer surfaced to help save the floundering franchise (as most of the new DCU films have subtly promised to do) that’s trying to do battle with Marvel’s behemoth. Again, personally, the trailer’s introduction seemed off, but I have a lot of fun once that Zack Snyder action is on full display. Here’s hoping the movie is an enjoyable ride.

Watch the first full-length trailer for Justice League and check out a handful of character posters for the movie after the jump.

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Let’s just call the JUSTICE LEAGUE footage from Comic-Con the movie’s first trailer

justice league 2016 comic-con movie image

Justice League Comic-Con trailer has Bruce Wayne assembling the team

“Footage” from DC’s upcoming Justice League movie debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but we might as well call the video the trailer it is. The beats are there, with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne assembling his team one-by-one, and we even get a nice ensemble shot of the entire Justice League together. So, it’s a trailer, and it’s worth watching if you’re a fan of what the folks over at DC are trying to do with their cinematic superhero universe. It’s hard not to be at least curious, and it looks like everyone involved is committed to making this (the MCU-sized mashup/solo movie franchise) happen. Here’s hoping Justice League comes together stronger and more promising than Batman v Superman did.

Watch the first extended footage/teaser trailer for Justice League after the jump.

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Newest SUICIDE SQUAD “Blitz” trailer dances in to another nostalgic tune

suicide squad blitz new trailer

SUICIDE SQUAD gets a new musical “Blitz” trailer

DC took a nosedive (depending on who you talk to) after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Suicide Squad is here to save the day. A new trailer for upcoming David Ayer-directed funhouse of a movie makes it look like a blast, features lots of relatively unknown comic book characters, and all but promises to renew our faith in Marvel’s cinema rival. Suicide Squad is DC’s next attempt to cash in on all that superhero moolah, and Internet buzz is still pretty loud for this one.

Watch the new trailer for Suicide Squad after the jump. It’s got plenty of new footage, which has already been dissected and screenshot to death, so tread lightly if you’re not looking to spoil more of the movie than you absolutely have to. *cough* Batman shows up *cough cough*

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deadpool how it should have ended

Deadpool’s HISHE video animates the R-rated antihero

As I’ve mentioned, How It Should Have Ended can be hit or miss, and their Deadpool animated video is somewhere in the middle. The group seems to have a lot of fun doing what they’re doing, and as long as they keep cranking out videos I’ll keep watching and sharing them.

For the Deadpool HISHE video, Wade doesn’t quite fit in at the Villain Pub, Colossus question’s his love for his girlfriend, and the Batman/Superman squabble rears its head again. Check it out after the jump.

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