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New BLADE RUNNER 2049 trailer is coated in tension and uncertainty

blade runner 2049 new movie trailer

Everyone might be a replicant in the new New Blade Runner 2049 trailer

A brand new full-length trailer for Blade Runner 2049 dropped this morning, further teasing the sequel to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi icon. Thirty-five years later, director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario) aims to advance the story using both fresh and familiar faces. The visual style from the original is present, the trailer’s dripping with tension and uncertainty, and Villeneuve has an impressive track record–all signs point to Blade Runner 2049 being something special. Here’s hoping the movie lives up to the growing hype.

Watch the second trailer (technically first official full-length) for Blade Runner 2049, read a short plot synopsis, and check out two new posters for the movie after the jump.

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First JUSTICE LEAGUE full-length trailer assembles the team and pours on the action

justice league movie trailer 2017

Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie gets its first full-length trailer

The first official Justice League trailer has finally arrived, and it’s something. Tonally, things feel askew as the trailer begins, but for the most part the action-heavy preview manages to hype the film successfully. Technically this is the first full-length preview for Justice League, but fans of the DC ensemble and attendees of Comic Con (and soon after the rest of the world) were shown footage way back in July 2016, so it’s about time a proper trailer surfaced to help save the floundering franchise (as most of the new DCU films have subtly promised to do) that’s trying to do battle with Marvel’s behemoth. Again, personally, the trailer’s introduction seemed off, but I have a lot of fun once that Zack Snyder action is on full display. Here’s hoping the movie is an enjoyable ride.

Watch the first full-length trailer for Justice League and check out a handful of character posters for the movie after the jump.

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New KONG: SKULL ISLAND trailer reveals Kong isn’t the only monster on the island


Second Kong: Skull Island trailer sets a crazy, creepy tone

Kong: Skull Island swooped in with a new trailer late last night to introduce us to the big bad monsters inhabiting the island with the iconic ape. The movie is dripping with style, which is generating mixed reactions, but I’m personally loving the look and feel of this reboot. Lots of saturated colors, plenty of jaw-dropping moments, and a cast that’s capable of elevating even the strangest material. All signs point to Kong: Skull Island being a blast, but we’ll have to wait until it hits theaters next spring before we can be sure.

Check out the brand new Kong: Skull Island trailer and see two new posters for the movie after the jump.

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST live-action adaptation debuts its first full-length trailer


Emma Watson enchants in first Beauty and the Beast trailer

Beauty and the Beast finally has a full-length trailer to wash us in nostalgia and anticipation. Personally, I felt that nostalgia bullet shoot straight to the heart during a few pulled-straight-from-the-original moments you can see in the trailer, and this live-action adaptation looks very promising. For one, the talent involved is exceptional, from the voice acting to the live-action players. Fans of the 1991 classic will love the first trailer for 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, and there’s a very good chance the movie itself will win over fans both new and old when the movie hits theaters next spring. The trailer looks beautiful, somehow it manages to hit all the right notes, and even though I know how it unfolds I can’t wait to give the movie a watch and enjoy the magic all over again.

Check out the first full-length trailer for Beauty and the Beast, read the plot synopsis, and see a new poster for the movie after the jump.

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DEADPOOL trailer previews the on-screen R-rated Marvel character Ryan Reynolds was born to play

deadpool trailer ryan reynolds image

First full-length Deadpool trailers have fun with the character

Hours before the first two full-length Deadpool trailers hit the Web, my ISP went down completely and stayed down for at least 36 hours (damn you HughesNet). Talk about terrible timing, because the R-rated Marvel movie was made for Ryan Reynolds and has fans going kind of crazy. The casting of Reynolds is perfect, the film and all involved seem pretty self-aware in regards to who the character is and how he should play on screen, and the push for Deadpool to be R-rated was successful. Even before the trailers debuted, after an early “what if” scene was leaked, people seemed 100% on board with the project. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t grow up reading the comics, but I’m really excited for the movie Deadpool deserves.

Watch both the NSFW (not safe for work) red band trailer and the SFW (safe for work) green band trailer for Deadpool after the jump.

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