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Second LOGAN trailer sees Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine protecting X-23

logan marvel movie trailer 2

Logan has a protege in second trailer for R-rated mutant movie

Logan is the upcoming R-rated Wolverine movie, in case you haven’t heard, and a brand new trailer for the film debuted this morning. It’s got all the claw-popping action and R-rated goodness fans of the character have been hoping for since he was first introduced to the big screen by Hugh Jackman way back in 2000 (has it really been 16 years?!). The first Logan trailer set a somber tone that was more The Last of Us than it was a superhero movie, which was just fine with fans of the franchise and the hit video game. These new trailers (both a green band and a red band) show us more of the X-Men side of things and delve a little deeper into the Logan/X-23 relationship that develops in the movie. That little girl in the header image is X-23, and she’s got adamantium claws just like Wolverine. Honestly, I don’t know much about her character than that, but I’m definitely open to learning more once the movie hits this March.

Watch the new trailer(s) for Logan and read a short plot synopsis after the jump.

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First LOGAN trailer previews what looks like Wolverine’s The Last of Us set to Johnny Cash


Logan trailer sees Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart dirty and broken

The first trailer for Logan dusted off a grizzly Wolverine and put him through the Johnny Cash ringer. The movie is bound to draw comparisons to The Last of Us, the video game about a bearded survivor protecting a young girl from dangerous people, and all the trailer needs is virus-infected monsters to sell the live-action adaptation. As is, the trailer for Logan gives us a grim look at some very familiar characters, which is a welcome change of pace from the oversaturated superhero smash-bang-aliens archetype. The R-rating definitely doesn’t hurt, with Logan pulling a page from Deadpool’s book, and it’s about time we see Wolverine succumb to the bloodlust and slash some people to pieces on screen.

For now, the first trailer for Logan will have to tide us over, and it goes down like a dusted-off bottle of Jack Daniels. Give it a watch and check out the first poster after the jump.

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PAN movie posters feature the cast in various poses on various backgrounds

pan movie poster banner

Geek Out! is a quick glimpse of something new and cool without a story’s worth of text to wade through.

Pan character posters for Blackbeard, Peter, Hook, and Tiger Lily

The upcoming Pan movie aims to put a new twist on the done and re-done classic tale of Peter and Neverland, and a handful of new posters have popped up to highlight some prominent characters. That’s the big banner poster recently released featuring Rooney Mara’s Tiger Lily, Garrett Hedlund’s Hook, Levi Miller’s Peter Pan, and Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard. Each got their own pair of character posters, and even an Asian poster for Pan was passed around this last week. If Peter and pals hold a soft spot in your always young heart, and this new reboot has you curious, definitely check out the trailer and take a look at the new posters. Pan flies into theaters on October 9, 2015.

Check out more new posters for Pan, Tiger Lily, Hook, and Blackbeard after the jump.

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Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard is Peter’s new Neverland nemesis in full-length PAN trailer

hugh jackman pan trailer header image

Peter discovers Neverland’s wonders in new full-length Pan trailer

Director Joe Wright (Hanna, Atonement) has quietly but confidently been revealing his Peter Pan adaptation since last November, and a brand new full-length trailer for Pan flew in this week to preview more of the movie. There’s a strong sense of whimsy and plenty of colorful, high-flying fantasy on display, and a solid cast looks like it could keep this interpretation afloat for a new generation. This time around, Peter is an orphan who’s whisked away to Neverland (a mix of old Mad Max and jungle celebration) where he may be a child of prophecy. While the story isn’t terribly original, I’m on board and wouldn’t mind seeing where the film takes the source material.

Watch the brand new full-length trailer for Pan, and check out a handful of character posters for Hook, Blackbeard, Peter, and Tiger Lily, after the jump.

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First CHAPPIE trailer introduces the world and wonder of Neill Blomkamp’s latest

chappie trailer header

Chappie trailer teases newest in robot transcendence trend

It seems like there’s been an uptrend lately in robotic revolution movies (Automata, Ex Machina), and the latest to join the hit-or-miss genre is Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie. The movie has been billed as a comedy, but the first trailer for Chappie paints it as something much bigger. Coming from the director of District 9 and Elysium, and with an artificial protagonist voiced by long-time Blomkamp collaborator Sharlto Copley, the movie looks like it’s aiming to inject a little heart into what’s become a paint-by-numbers sci-fi concept.

Watch the intriguing first trailer for Chappie, and check out the film’s first poster, after the jump!

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