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First THOR: RAGNAROK trailer sees Mjolnir broken, Asgard destroyed, and Thor in trouble

marvel thor ragnarok movie trailer 1

It’s Thor vs. Hulk in the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer

The first Thor: Ragnarok trailer debuts this morning to kick off our week with a strange, exciting, funny peek at the upcoming Marvel movie. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, myself included, have been curious to pull back the curtain on director Taika Waititi‘s Planet Hulk-inspired entry into the expanding franchise, and the first trailer proves to be worth the wait. Not only does it tip viewers off balance from the get-go, but it then proceeds to hit all the off notes in all the right ways. What’s going on here? Why’s it all feel so whacky and welcome? While the trailer is short and sweet, it hints at a movie that’s full of life and color, which is a staple of Waititi’s work (What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople). November can’t come soon enough.

Watch the first official trailer for Thor: Ragnarok after the jump.

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valerian and the city of a thousand planets movie trailer 2

Latest Valerian movie trailer proves Besson is back, baby

If the first trailer for Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was meant to introduce the director’s upcoming graphic novel adaptation, the newest trailer aims to wow with its world building and the outrageous look of the movie. I’m sold. Many are calling this Besson’s spiritual Fifth Element follow-up, and it’s clear why people feel that way. The trailer is gorgeous, which means the movie itself is going to look amazing on the big screen. While most are in agreement that the visuals will stun, the same viewers are worried leads Cara Delevigne and Dane Dehaan won’t have the charisma to sell the material. Early, unfounded comparisons to flops like Jupiter Ascending and John Carter have been made, but only time will tell how Valerian fairs. Again, I’m sold, and I’ve been on team DeHaan since he first made waves in Chronicle. Fingers crossed this movie kicks ass.

Watch the new, eye-popping trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, read a plot synopsis, and check out a new poster for the movie after the jump.

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A CURE FOR WELLNESS trailer takes us down a creepy rabbit hole with Dane DeHaan


A Cure for Wellness trailer sees Gore Verbinski return to horror

A Cure for Wellness is director Gore Verbinski’s upcoming horror/thriller starring Dane DeHaan, and the first trailer for the film establishes an appropriately creepy vibe. Verbinski is probably known most for his contributions to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but he’s also dabbled in horror before with The Ring. Here, the director is diving down the rabbit hole of mental instability and strange, secluded get well soon facilities in Switzerland, and I’m digging the trailer and tone set. Plus, DeHaan seems perfect for his kind of movie, so it should be worth the watch to see him descend into madness at the hands of a less-than-honest mental hospital doctor played by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The Patriot).

Watch the first trailer, read a plot synopsis, and check out the poster for A Cure for Wellness after the jump.

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GUARDIANS trailers take superhero movie madness to another level courtesy of Russia


Guardians trailers tease Russia’s answer to The Avengers

Guardians looks like a live-action anime complete with walking, raging bear-wielding-a-minigun absurdity. There have been a handful of trailers released to preview the movie, so I figured it was time to put them together and share the wild Russian answer to The Avengers. Guardians appears to be a mix of Marvel, anime, and even a dash of Metal Gear Solid, which should tell you whether or not it’s up your alley. I’ve seen the movie called dumb just as often as I’ve seen it called amazing, so you be the judge. One thing’s for sure, Guardians is going to be one wild ride.

Never heard of the movie? It’s time to properly introduce yourself. Watch a few trailers, read a short plot synopsis, and check out a handful of posters for Guardians after the jump.

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THE MUMMY trailer aims to revive a classic with the help of Tom Cruise


Watch the first trailer for Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – The Mummy

The first trailer for The Mummy, Universal’s classic monster movie reboot, flew in yesterday. Tom Cruise runs, screams, and crashes through the trailer in true Cruise/Mission: Impossible fashion, and it’s hard not to paint the film in broad action/adventure strokes at first glance. For one, the movie’s director is Alex Kurtzman (of Kurtzman/Orci fame), who has a tendency to deliver enjoyable-but-wanting blockbusters as a writer/producer. Also, you just can’t mistake the how-did-he-survive-that tumbling that Cruise is famous for, and it’s on full display in the first trailer for The Mummy. I’m not sold quite yet, but we’ve definitely come a long way since the Brendan Fraser-led slapstick adventure of the late ’90s.

Whether you’re curious about the movie or simply won’t miss a new Cruise blockbuster, watch the first full-length trailer for The Mummy after the jump.

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