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Red band trailer for INGRID GOES WEST focuses on social media obsession

ingrid goes west movie trailer

Explore Aubrey Plaza’s social media obsession in Ingrid Goes West

UPDATE: Now includes newest full-length trailer for the movie after the jump as well.

The first red band teaser trailer for Ingrid Goes West previews the dark side of social media mania. It’s red band for a few choice words early in the trailer, but for the most part there’s nothing overtly outrageous on display. The movie looks like it might loosely follow the introvert-turns-crazy-party-girl stereotype, but there’s enough flair on display in the trailer to give off hints of Sophia Coppola mixed with maybe Harmony Korine. Admittedly, I don’t know much about this one, but it looks like it could be dark and quirky in a cult classic black comedy sort of way. Aubrey Plaza has been doing more out-of-the-box work lately, with this and the upcoming naughty nun movie The Little Hours, and I’m interested to see where Ingrid Goes West…goes.

Check out the red band teaser (again, red band for language), read a plot synopsis, and take a look at the poster for the movie after the jump.

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Final ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY movie trailer and new ensemble poster pop up


Final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story focuses on our heroes’ hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was rumored to be too dark for casual fans and the Disney movie-going audience, but you’d never know it if this new trailer was your introduction to the movie. If the second official full-length trailer is any indication, there’s plenty of roll-your-eyes hope injected to help soften the (most likely) deaths of everyone involved. After all, these are the characters who steal the Death Star plans that Leia gives to R2D2 in A New Hope, right? And Darth Vader is here to try and stop them, right? With that in mind, it’s hard not to focus on the almost campy, pre-cynical critic tone set by this trailer for the newest Star Wars movie, but maybe I’m alone in thinking the light-heartedness is just a little oversaturated. That said, there’s plenty of Star Wars on display – stormtroopers, Vader, lone man standing in the desert, droids, etc.) – so if you’re already sold on Rogue One there’s more here to dig in to.

As is the case with most late trailers these days, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s new trailer seems to outline the plot beat by beat, so consider yourself warned if you’re trying to avoid spoiler territory. If that’s the kind of territory you like to explore, watch the trailer and check out a new poster for the movie after the jump.

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BLOOD FATHER trailer sees Mel Gibson out for vengeance yet again

blood father movie trailer mel gibson

Mel Gibson protects his daughter in Blood Father trailer

Mel Gibson is a mixed bag when it comes to his big screen vs personal life reputation, but his upcoming movie Blood Father looks like a good time. His personal opinions and ravings aside, the man is almost universally praised as a powerhouse performer on-screen and a solid storyteller behind the camera, so it’s nice to see him back in action. While Gibson has been getting a lot of publicity recently for news about a Passion of the Christ sequel, Blood Father sort of slipped through the cracks when the trailer debuted a while back and I wanted to make sure I shared this preview before it hits theaters this summer.

Watch the first trailer for Blood Father, read a plot synopsis for the movie, and check out the poster after the jump.

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WARCRAFT character posters put most of the main cast on display for Duncan Jones’ latest

warcraft movie 2016 characte posters

Warcraft character posters showcase the humans and orcs

Director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) aims to bring the world of Warcraft to the big screen, and bits and pieces of the movie keep creeping out. New character posters just popped up, and we get a closer look at most of the human and orc characters we’ll likely get to know and love/hate. Notably absent is Ben Foster as the human mage Medivh, who just so happens to be the character I’m most curious about. We really haven’t seen Medivh yet, which is interesting. Villain in disguise, maybe?

You can check out all eight new character poster for Warcraft after the jump.

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HIGH-RISE posters fracture and keep us guessing

tom-hiddleston-high-rise movie posters

High-Rise posters are pretty trippy

The upcoming Tom Hiddleston anarchy-in-a-tower High-Rise movie looks interesting. The marketing continues to twist together these great posters featuring cast members and a fun blend of symmetrically fractured images, and I’m really loving them. Granted, the new posters aren’t groundbreaking (see A Clockwork Orange), but it’s nice to see posters that are more than a mash-up of Photoshopped heads on an opaque background.

If you haven’t seen the trailers or heard of the book, definitely look into them (the trailers are linked above), and check out a handful of new posters for High-Rise after the jump.

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