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READY PLAYER ONE gets its first trailer and teases Spielberg’s anticipated adaptation

ready player one movie trailer spielberg 2018

Spielberg’s Ready Player One adaptation gets a crazy trailer

Ready Player One made a big splash as a novel in 2011 and found a home in the hearts of ’80s nostalgia enthusiasts the world over. Steven Spielberg, the ’80s nostalgia auteur himself, decided the book was perfect source material for a live-action, big screen adaptation, and the first trailer for his movie proves there will be plenty of in-book references for the director to play with. Personally, I wasn’t smitten by the book, and I felt the ’80s pop culture references were a bit heavy handed at times, but I can imagine a movie adaptation in the hands of Spielberg (and backed by the cast this movie has) being a ton of fun. The trailer teases plenty of recognizable characters and creatures, and the book was packed with enough references to fill a few Spielberg toy boxes, so it’ll be cool to see what makes the cut and what gets left out.

Not sure what Ready Player One is? Check out the trailer for the movie after the jump.

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STAR TREK BEYOND movie posters are colorful and stylized for your viewing pleasure

star trek beyond movie poster

Star Trek Beyond movie posters feature Enterprise and cast

Whether you’re looking forward to Star Trek Beyond or not, the most recent posters for the movie have been pretty great, all things considered. Written in-part by Simon Pegg and directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious), the movie looks like a wild change of pace for fans of the franchise. From what I’ve seen, there’s almost as much focus on Kirk’s motorcycle as there is on the Star Trek aspects, but that’s OK. The recent run of movies have been a lot of fun so far, and it looks like Lin’s installment is going to be the most enjoyable of the trio.

In case you haven’t seen them floating around (they were released a few at a time over the last week or so), you can check out all nine new character posters after the jump. Also, watch the newest trailer and take a look at the the international poster while you’re at it.

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ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING trailer and posters preview Simon Pegg’s Bruce Almighty movie

absolutely anything movie trailer header

Absolutely Anything trailer gives Simon Pegg absolute power

If I’d first been introduced to the Absolutely Anything trailer with, “Hey, check out this sequel to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” I would have believed the person doing the introducing. I actually thought this might be some book-to-blockbuster adaptation, but it turns out the upcoming Simon Pegg comedy is from the minds of the Monty Python team. The movie looks like a mix of the above-mentioned Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and a healthy dose of Bruce Almighty, which is a mixed bag. Admittedly, after seeing the first trailer, I wasn’t impressed by the premise or apparent execution, especially considering who’s involved. You’ll have to judge for yourself.

Check out the trailer and a few posters for Absolutely Anything after the jump.

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GEEK OUT! New KILL ME THREE TIMES poster and red band trailer

kill me three times red band trailer header

Simon Pegg shoots people in Kill Me Three Times red band trailer

Geek Out! is a quick glimpse of something new and cool without a story’s worth of text to wade through.

Simon Pegg is best known for his comedic chops, but the man can hold his own and look like a badass when it comes to action. That appears to be the case with his newest film Kill Me Three Times, and a brand new red band trailer for the movie has been making the rounds. Again, it’s a red band trailer, so it may not be safe for work, but you can give it a watch after the jump if you like living dangerously. Also, there’s a new poster being passed around. Check it out!

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KILL ME THREE TIMES trailer sees Simon Pegg as a mustachioed hitman involved in a hustle

kill me three times trailer header

Simon Pegg is a puzzled assassin in Kill Me Three Times trailer

A striking still of Simon Pegg dressed in black and wielding a sniper rifle backdropped by sand dunes surfaced from Kill Me Three Times over a year ago, and now a trailer for the film has finally arrived. It’s a quirky mix of voice-over reflection and Australian-infused action comedy centering around a husband who wants his wife dead and the handful of killers twisted into the convoluted murder caper. There’s a lot to process in the first trailer, but the movie could be fun. If anything, it’s great to see Pegg sporting a handlebar mustache and stepping into the shoes of an assassin.

Watch the first trailer for Kill Me Three Times after the jump. Surprisingly, it’s not labeled as red band, but the trailer is probably not safe for work given some strong language and a tease of nudity.

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