MUTE trailer pulls the curtain back from Duncan Jones’ spiritual successor to MOON

mute movie trailer duncan jones 2018

First full-length Mute trailer paints a quiet neon-tinged, neo-noir portrait

Son of David Bowie and Moon/Source Code director Duncan Jones says he’s been working towards making his movie Mute for twelve years now, and the first trailer for the film recently debuted to give us our first good look at what to expect. After Jones brought his last movie, Warcraft, to the big screen to mixed reviews and arguable success, it seems the director is happy with the creative freedom a Netflix-released movie affords. Mute is slated to hit Netflix later this month, so we’ll see pretty soon if the movie lives up the hype of being a spiritual successor to Moon, the slow burn sci-fi movie Jones won over critics with in 2009. Right now, I really don’t know what’s going on, but that can be a good thing.

Check out the first full-length trailer for Mute, and see if you can decipher what’s happening here.

Again, I’m not really sure what’s going on under the surface, but I’m getting a slight Leon: The Professional vibe from the trailer. Quiet guy gets a bit violent to protect a damsel in distress sort of stuff. That said, knowing that Jones is involved, there’s bound to be more worth uncovering once we dig a little deeper. Is this hard sci-fi? Is it neo-noir? Is it a blend of something new and strange in the vein of Blade Runner meets Chinatown? Again, we’ll find out before long, but I’m drawn in by the color palette and the quiet atmosphere on display. Here’s hoping Mute is something special.

Read the official plot synopsis for Mute:

Berlin, the future, but close enough to feel familiar: In this loud, often brutal city, Leo – unable to speak from a childhood accident – searches for his missing girlfriend, the love of his life, his salvation, through dark streets, frenzied plazas, and the full spectrum of the cities shadow-dwellers. As he seeks answers, Leo finds himself mixed up with Cactus Bill and Duck, a pair of irreverent US army surgeons on a mission all their own. This soulful sci-fi journey from filmmaker Duncan Jones imagines a world of strange currencies in which echoes of love and humanity are still worth listening to.

Mute stars Alexander Skarsgård, Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd, Robert Sheehan, Noel Clarke, Seyneb Saleh, Daniel Fathers, and Florence Kasumba. Mute is scheduled for release on Netflix on February 23, 2018.

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